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Tiny Encoders Seek Integration Into Motors

The miniature MOD 700 Series of incremental rotary encoders is well-suited for integration into motors and other applications involving tight package constraints. Consisting of an LED and OptoASIC configured into a small caliper, the encoders are based on the companyÕs proven encoder technology and are housed in a compact, 17.7 x 9.6 x 8.89 mm package. The optical encoders also feature resolutions as high as 2,540 pulses/rev. And their OptoASIC is a phased array photodiode IC noted for its high tolerance for axial movement of ±0.010", low power consumption of 40 mA (typ.), and wide operating temperature range of 0¡C to 85¡C. In addition, the encoders provide for a 0.030" air gap, allowing for easy mounting. Weighing just 25g, MOD 700 encoders can be surface mounted to pc boards or installed onto flexible circuitry via SMT solder pads on the base of the unit. Typical pricing starts at $18 each in large quantities. BEI DUNCAN ELECTRONICS, Tustin, CA. (714) 258-7500.


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