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Tiny Input Device Eyes Handhelds

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With a low-profile that measures less than 4 mm thick, the Piccolo Point MiniJoydisk touch-sensitive cursor controller packs functionality into a tiny footprint, resulting in the ability to scroll and point with only a fingertip. The device offers an intuitive user interface and allow input for small devices such as cell phones, handheld computers, PDAs, remote controls for PC/TV and interactive TV devices, GPS systems and game pads. The device has only two parts, the sensor and the disk actuator. The sensor consists of a small pc board that easily connects to the system. Pressing on the pliant disk surface converts touch to cursor movement with intuitive ease. One-finger control means cursor direction and speed respond instantly. Pricing is less than $0.40 each/10,000. An evaluation kit, including circuit board, microcontroller and Piccolo Point is priced at $100.

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