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Tiny, Lightweight Toggle Switches Light Up Your Application

Their extremely small size and light weight suit two series of illuminated toggle switches well for use in handheld devices or front-panel interfaces. The B series subminiature and G series ultra-miniature switches from NKK Switches feature toggle actuators made of clear polyamide, so the LED color fully illuminates the actuator. The B series also has a fully illuminated patent-pending bushing.

The switches in the B series measure 0.516 in. high and wide and 0.346 in. deep. Their toggle is 0.248 in. long. The G series switches are only 0.276 in. high and wide and 0.177 in. deep. Their toggle is 0.150 long. Standard 0.100- by 0.100-in. pc-board terminal spacing allows high-density installations. Both series are rated at 0.4 VA at 28 V ac-dc maximum and are available in single-pole maintained circuit options of On-On and On-Off-On. They can be specified in straight PC, right-angle, or vertical-mount terminations.

Red, green, amber, and bicolor red-green LEDs are available. Both series are rated for 100,000 mechanical operations. The B series electrical life is rated at 50,000 operations minimum and the G series at 100,000 operations. Contact the company for price and availability information.

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NKK Switches

A miniature 1-Form-A solid-state relay, the VO1400AEFTR from Vishay Intertechnology features an on-resistance of 5 ½, a trigger current of 1 mA, and a load-voltage of 60 V. The low input trigger current makes it easy to interface the device to standard logic circuits, while the low output on-resistance and load voltage are well suited for low-power operation. The device is rated for an isolation test voltage of 1500 V. The VO1400 is available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders. The relay costs $0.65 each in quantities of 10,000 for U.S. delivery. For more information, go to www.vishay.com

CIT Relay & Switch's J115 series relays come in three versions: PC termination, combination PC and QC for contacts, and panel-mount QC for both coil and contacts. The relays exceed UL standards—40-A contacts, 2 hp, and Class F insulation (approved for maximum coil temperatures of 140°C). All versions are available with single-pole single-throw (SPST) normally open (NO), SPST normally closed (NC), or single-pole double-throw (SPDT) contact arrangements. They offer heavy contact load, strong shock and vibration resistance, and numerous coil voltage choices ranging from 3 to 110 V dc and 12 to 277 V ac. Volume prices start at $0.89, and they're available now. For more details, go to www.citrelay.com

Capable of switching 16 A at 250 V ac, the G5LE-E series of power pc-board relays comes in the industry-standard 19.6- by 22.5- by 15.2-mm "sugar cube" and pinout for drop-in compatibility with existing pc-board layouts. The series includes 5-, 12-, and 24-V dc coils, and power consumption is 360 mW. SPST NO and SPDT versions are available. Prices range from $0.75 to $0.85 in 5000-unit quantities. Delivery is from stock to eight weeks. Visit www.components.omron.com

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