Wireless Systems Design

Tiny, Low-Power RF Module Handles 868-MHz ISM Applications

As an extension of One RF Technology’s TinyOne product family, the TinyOne Lite targets the 868-MHz license-free ISM band and is optimized for low-power radio communications at a very low cost. Based on the same footprint as the TinyOne family, the device occupies only 38 by 21 mm of board space and is about 3-mm high. The pre-certified surface-mount component has an output of 3 mW (5 dBm) and −107-dBm sensitivity. Running on 3.6 V, it consumes 30 mA in receive mode, 45 mA in transmit mode, and less than 2 µA on standby.

The module’s range is up to 500 m, and it features a serial data rate of up to 115.2 kbits/s and a radio data rate of 9.6 to 38.4 kbits/s. Operating temperature range is −20°C to 60°C. A TTL RS-232 interface and integrated digital and analog I/O are standard. An integrated antenna is optional. The module will come with embedded in-house firmware with advanced protocol modes, such as power Mesh networking, for reliable data transmission and long operating time with batteries. A 2.54-mm DIP adapter is available. TinyOne Lite is ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and RoHS and WEEE compliant. Check out www.one-rf.com.

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