Electronic Design

Tiny Modem Module Simplifies Communication

If your embedded design requires a modem, Radicom Research offers a potential solution with its Half-Inch Modem. Actually, the module is a 1- by 1- by 0.3-in. board, but that's still tiny enough. The modem uses an AT command set. It also features Digital Line Guard (DLG) support and a built-in data-access arrangement for direct connect to a telephone line. There's support for data connections up to 56 kbits/s and fax connections of 14.4 kbits/s. Voice recording and playback, dual-tone multifrequency, distinctive ring, and Caller ID detection are supported, too. The module consumes only 65 mA, or 18 mA in sleep mode. Pricing starts at $21. www.radicom.com

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