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Tiny OLED Offers Outstanding Viewing Characteristics

With just a 0.66-in. diagonal, the latest organic LED (OLED) from One Stop Displays is one of the smallest displays on the market (see the figure). The OSD64480ALBAT01 measures only 21.00 mm wide by 18.4 mm high by 2.20 mm deep. Its tiny size makes it a fit for designs with minimal space, including Bluetooth, MP3, and other tightly packaged embedded devices.

The current versions feature a monochrome blue-emissive image on a black background at 1-bit/pixel depth. This solid-state display offers good contrast and performance at all temperatures. Despite its size, it’s packed with the viewing characteristics associated with larger organic displays, including 160-degree viewing angles, over 100:1 contrast, and great image legibility.

Pricing for the display starts under $12. A compatible evaluation kit (EVK) board to simplify interconnect development costs an additional $6.50.

One Stop Displays

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