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Tiny PC Board Flexes Its Muscle In Multimedia Apps

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Measuring only 6.37" x 7.87", the PCM-4898 PC board can be equipped with an all-in-one multimedia NS Geode GXm CPU operating up to 300 MHz. And to further position itself as a multimedia computer, the board also integrates an audio/video controller and a PCI flat-panel controller. The audio controller provides 16-bit, full-duplex 3-D audio, while the video controller supports resolutions up to 1,024 x 768 at 64k colors. Communications I/O consists of a Fast Ethernet controller, LVDS interface, four COM ports, a TTL digital I/O interface, and one PISA expansion slot. An on-board SSD interface supports DiskOnChip 2000 storage capacities up to 288 MB. Other features of the multimedia card include a PCI IDE controller that supports Ultra DMA/33 and power management features.

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