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Tiny Photoelectric Sensor Uses Chip-On-Board Technology

Claiming to achieve very precise sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remotely-amplified or fiber optic sensors, the VS1 ultra-miniature photoelectric sensor uses chip-on-board technology and features a built-in amplifiers that can switch loads up to 50 mA. They're small enough to fit inside machinery such as microelectric conveying and inspection equipment, vibratory feeders, punch presses and stamping machines where other sensors will not fit. They also serve as a high-quality replacement for more expensive sensors.Despite its small size, the sensor operates on 12 to 24 vdc and utilizes a visible red sensing beam in the convergent sensing mode to form a visible spot at either a 10-mm or 20-mm focus. Models with an IR sensing beam are also available. The device provides repeatability of 250 µs with output response time of 1 ms.


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