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Tiny Plug-In Computer Has 48 MB Of CompactFlash

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By simply plugging the 1.4" x 2.5" x 0.5" Persistor CF1 module into a battery-powered product such as instrumentation, users reportedly can gain instant access to the resources of a microcomputer. The tiny computer module boasts of 68020 processing power, a DOS-like operating system, and up to 48 Mbytes of secure, transportable CompactFlash storage.The device simplifies software design with its integral PicoDOS operating system running on a 16 MHz Motorola 68CK338 coupled with 1 Mbyte of program flash and 256 kbytes of battery backed SRAM.The module also simplifies electrical design with an on-board 3.3V linear regulator, 5 to 50 mA run current, power management circuitry that can reduce current drain to below 5 µA, a real-time clock, dual RS-232 driver, QSPI interface, 15 counter/timers, and a 16-bit bus expansion. And mechanical design is simplified by the unit's tiny footprint and by bringing out the full complement of 50 I/O and 40 bus connections to standard double-row 0.1" headers.

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