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Tiny SBC Runs Linux on StrongARM

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The Bitsy, the company's smallest single board computer (SBC), has a 3" x 4" footprint and embedded Linux capability. Aimed at the PDA and hand-held markets, its 32-bit StrongARM SA-1110 RISC processor runs at less than 450 mW at 206 MHz. The system runs on unregulated 6 to12 Vdc and includes a battery charger and supports a backup battery. Other features include support for up to 32 MB of SDRAM and 32 Mb of flash memory, a Type II PCMCIA slot, three serial ports configurable as RS-232, TTL and IRDA, USB master and slave, audio input and amplified stereo input, touchscreen support, and an Ethernet daughter board option is available. Described as one of the first handheld embedded computers running Linux on StrongARM, the SBC also supports additional environments, including WindowsCE, Microware's OS-9, VxWorks and Java. Price is $300 each in OEM quantities.

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