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Tiny Single-Board Computer Is Fully Loaded

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Embedded applications are said to abound for the MSC-338, an all-in-one single-board computer with a full array of functionality. On the board is support for a floppy drive, two hard disks, Disk-On-Chip flash memory, an Ethernet interface, CRT/flat panel display, two serial ports, and one parallel port. The rugged 4" x 5" board is suited for use in process controls, mechanical controls, room monitors, security systems, machine controls, and other low-processing-power applications.The board comes with a 386SX-40 CPU coprocessor with a 72-pin SIMM socket supporting up to 16 Mbytes of memory. There's also a 32-pin Disk-On-Chip socket for a 72-Mbyte flash drive. The on-board VGA chipset supports CRTs, flat panels and LCDs. Additional expansion is available by means of a PC/104 interface. Also included is an AMI flash BIOS and 16-level watchdog timer. Operation is from zero to 60°C, with the SBC also exhibiting high shock and vibration tolerance.

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