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Tiny Surface-Mount PTC Resettable Fuses Offer Expanded Ratings

Just one-third the size of previous generation devices, the 1.5A and 1.25A 1812L surface-mount positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resettable fuses are said to be the smallest such devices currently available for higher amperage applications. The devices protect electrical circuits against overcurrent conditions in a wide range of computer and peripheral applications, including PC cards, modems, keyboard and mouse ports, printers, network cards, and USB ports. Designed for plug-and-play applications, the PTC resettable fuses conform with USB and portable applications due to to their lower resistance.Measuring just 4.5 mm x 3.25 mm, the devices are well-suited for applications where space is at a premium. They are packaged on tape-and-reel and are recognized under the Components Program of Underwriters Laboratory and the Component Acceptance Program of CSA and carry TUV approval.


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