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Tool Develops Real-Time DSP Applications

Making it possible to perform full-bandwidth acquisition and playback from all on-board analog I/O channels on this firm's DSP boards without any DSP programming, Ventura is bundled at no charge with the firm's PCI-based DSP products. Ventura can acquire or generate analog I/O at hundreds of kHz from multiple channels while automatically conducting data transfer operations with a host PC at millions of bytes per second. Simultaneously, user applications programs can asynchronously access other board peripheral resources to perform digital I/O, read counters, reprogram timer channels and perform synchronous serial communications at rates of several kHz. The software is a Windows DLL with a simple application programmer interface that can be accessed from within any PC programming environment such as Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Borland Builder and Delphi. These DLL functions can be accessed from within many popular graphical environments such as LabVIEW, MatLab and Origin.

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