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Tool Harnesses DSP Power Without Programming

The launch of FACT Real Time (RT) extend's the company's ComStruct range of communications processing building blocks. This real-time version of the FACT subsystem development and management tool is optimized to enable communications equipment manufacturers to quickly develop very high-density embedded applications where channel count and speed of operation are critical, such as wireless transcoding, voice archival and fax services.
FACT-RT provides an integrated solution for the rapid development and managment of ComStruct-based communications subsystems. It promises to enable developers to harness the power of DSP resources without the need for complex DSP programming. High-level APIs allow the tool to establish, route and process multiple calls between end points, such as line interfaces and on-board DSPs.
The application runs under VxWorks with support for other operating systems planned for the future.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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