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Tool Manages Product Data For Life

The Personal PDM product data management tool is designed to manage all data through a product's life cycle, including for pc boards. The data management software ensures secure data storage and transmission using a single-user, owner-protected vault. It eliminates the need for product managers to referee conflicts between team members who need simultaneous access to design files.Because many users of its EDA tools are also users of AutoCAD, the company has introduced links between the two products that enable AutoCAD native files to be loaded and read into the Personal PDM database. Personal PDM users also benefit from pre-defined project templates that are included with the package. Personal PDM also joins two earlier Accel PDM solutions: DesignFlow is a manager's tool that controls design projects and the many team members and tasks that comprise the project; and ViewCenter is for users of Accel PCB and Schematic.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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