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Tools Rev Up Boundary-Scan Design-For-Test Tasks

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Representing an advanced data management system for integration with the companyÕs boundary-scan family of products, the Visualizer lets engineers visualize, understand and assess testing and programming of circuit boards and systems. It can accept schematic, layout and information files from a variety of sources and acts upon the data with various graphical representation and exploration features. For example, Visualizer can graphically represent schematic and board layout views with flexible highlighting of nets and components and can compare different schematics and layouts. And, among other things, it has a PaintBox function that simplifies boundary-scan analysis and fault class recognition. As regards its exploration features, Visualizer can search and highlight components, pins, and nets across multi-sheet and hierarchical designs and can also cross-probe between schematics, layouts and information files.Visualizer has a built-in demo, supports all major EDA/CAD vendor databases, and is compatible with Microsoft Office, allowing insertion of images and files into applications such as PowerPoint. Visualizer costs $9,500. For more details, contact Ray Dellecker at JTAG TECHNOLOGIES INC., Stevensville, MD. (877) 367-5824.

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