Electronic Design

Tools Streamline Power-Train Development

Microcontrollers like freescale's mpc5500 are ideal for power-train applications, but creating the appropriate applications takes a number of different development tools. Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Development Studio for the MPC5500 Family, Version 1.5 addresses this space by integrating a wide range of tools from the CodeWarrior IDE through the CodeTEST Software Analysis Suite with Nexus Class 3 Data Trace. The collection of tools addresses the entire development process through final test and verification of a multicore eTPU and e500 core system.

Other key components include OCE's OSEKturbo real-time operating system with deterministic scheduling, the Ash Ware eTPU Simulation Engine, and the Unis Processor Expert GUI. The latter simplifies system initialization configuration. Pricing for the CodeWarrior Development Studio for the MPC5500 Family, Version 1.5 starts at $9995. This includes the PowerTAP run control interface. It supports the MPC5554 eval board.


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