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Touch-Screen Employs Projected Capacitive Technology

A new range of touch-panels is based on projected capacitive technology, which enables the device to sense through a protective glass screen in front of the display. The Zytouch panel sensors comprise 32 micro fine wires, which are not viewable on a powered display. Each wire has an oscillating frequency that changes when a bare or gloved finger touches the protective glass in front of the display, enabling the system's controller board to calculate the point of touch. Response time is typically between 20 and 50 ms, depending on the thickness of the glass, which can be a maximum of 1". Resolution is excellent, according to the company, with the fixed wires preventing calibration drift. Sensitivity is adjustable, using provided software. Zytouch screens can be hermetically sealed into the bezel and operate over a wide temperature range, which makes them well-suited for unattended external applications such as ATMs, ticket machines, gas pump dispensers and information kiosks. ZYTRONIC DISPLAYS LTD., Blaydon, England. +44 (0) 191 414 5511.

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