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Touch-Screens Suit For Space Limited Applications

Four-wire resistive touch-screens have been developed for use with smaller display sizes, including 6.0", 8.4", and 10.4", such as are suitable for industrial systems, office equipment, home appliances, and wearable computers. The new AT4 resistive touch-screens are supported by the company’s new 2215 mini serial controller board and they also are compatible with microprocessors with embedded four-wire interfaces. The touch-screens are said to offer drift-free, accurate operation, fast touch response, and responsiveness to finger, gloved hand, or stylus inputs. They consist of a glass panel coated with electrically conductive and resistive layers, with a polyester sheet suspended over the top of the glass to protect the screen. During operation, the controller circuit applies a voltage gradient across the resistive surfaces, with the controller digitizing the voltages at the point of contact and transmitting them to the computer for processing. ELO TOUCHSYSTEMS INC., Fremont, CA. (800) 356-8682.


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