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Tower Enclosure Has Room For Two Complete Systems

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Capable of housing up to two complete systems and a disk drive, Titan compact tower is well-suited for applications such as call centers, telecommunications, and file/data servers. A relatively small, free-standing package on wheels, Titan is designed on the concept of a mainframe computer and offers one of the largest card-cages available for AT-style computers. Two motherboards or backplanes can be housed within the card-cage for a dual system, and the card-cage can house a single 24-slot passive backplane for a very powerful single system. Enclosure dimensions are 16.5" wide x 27.25" deep x 28" high. Redundant features include four hot-swappable fans and a redundant power supply up to 1200W for a single system or two 400W supplies for dual systems. Power supplies are N+1 redundant. Twelve drive bays are configurable as hot-swap drives to support large RAID systems. The enclosure also can house two control panels and includes system monitoring electronics to provide notification of any system or power faults.

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