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Transcoder ICs Use Low Power, Less Board Space

Two new transcoder ICs can convert bidirectionally between full HD (1920 dots by 1080 lines) MPEG-2 and H.264 video data, as well as transcoding between audio formats. The MB86H57 and MB86H58 perform these functions while dissipating less than 1.0 W, including their on-board memory. Combined with their small form-factor packaging, the ICs’ low power consumption makes them well-suited not only for non-mobile fixed electronic equipment, such as digital video recorders, but also mobile products such as notebook PCs. In addition to the transcode capabilities, the chips include on-board security functions for digital rights management of content and a demodulator interface to make it easy for customers to create their systems. Both products contain many interfaces for improved connectivity. To connect to an external CPU, the host interface is a 16-bit parallel interface and a TS interface as the video stream interface. In addition, there are a serial, PCI, PCI Express, and USB interface integrated. Connection to external ROM is also possible, thus allowing high-speed boot for products that incorporate the ICs. Sample shipments of the new transcoder ICs will begin in late July, 2009. FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS LTD., Tokyo, Japan. +81-3-5322-3354.


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