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Transformer Conserves Circuit Board Space

With a robust design certified to stringent UL and BABT standards, the PT75571 isolation and signal conditioning transformer is for use with Conexant's SmartDAAModem chip. The transformer has a primary inductance of 40H minimum at 100 KHz and 7H at 4 MHz. Other key electrical parameters include: Cww (line to chip) of 10 pF maximum at 1 MHz and dielectric withstanding voltage of 2,500 Vrms. Miniature in size and rugged by design, the transformer measures only 0.578" wide by 0.469" and stands just 0.295" high. Manufactured using UL94VO material and operating effectively in temperatures ranging from 0¡C to 85(C, the transformer is compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place assembly and high-temperature soldering equipment. It is available in tube as well as tape-and-reel packaging. Priced at $0.29 each in typical production volume. DATATRONICS, Romoland, CA. (909) 928-7700.

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