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Transformer Duo Target Microprocessor-Based Boards

product pic

The 12 VA and 18 VA transformers have a number of new features, qualifying them for use on new microprocessor-based boards and as direct plug-in replacements on existing boards. The transformers employ a rigid-pin construction for easier board insertion and higher reliability. With industry-standard pin configuration, the transformers offer pin-to-pin compatibility with existing devices. Other improvements include mounting holes for greater resistance to shock and vibration and hermetic sealing that makes wave soldering possible. Improved electrical characteristics include better regulation, temperature rise and efficiency. The dielectric strength is 4,000 Vrms hipot. These compact transformers measure 1.050'' to 1.22'' in height and weigh less than a pound. Pricing for the 12 VA and 18 VA sizes starts at $7.15 and $7.68 each, respectively.

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