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Transformers Targeted For Use In Switch Mode Power Supplies

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Four new sizes have been added to the company's pc board-mount ferrite E-core transformers for use in switch mode power supply applications. Series 6655, 6656, 6657 and 6658 range in size from 0.750" x 0.868" x 0.625" high to 1.620" x 1.359" x 1.130” high. The new transformers are constructed using a UL-approved nylon bobbins and can be supplied in either horizontal or vertical mount configurations.
The ferrite material allows use of the transformers over a wide frequency range of 10 kHz to 250 kHz. Cores can be gapped for flyback applications or to provide tighter inductance tolerances.
Full mechanical specifications for the transformers are available upon request or from the company's web site, along with a design worksheet that designers can use to fill out the application's electrical specs. Delivery lead times range from stock to eight weeks ARO.

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