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Triple 8-Bit Video Digitizer Designed For HDTV

Either YPBPR or RGB video inputs are accepted by this new triple 8-bit component digitizer, with the mid-scale analog clamping provided by the FMS9875 critical for accurate digitizing of the PBPR, UV or R-Y and B-Y chroma signals. Conventional zero-based clamping is used for RGB and Y inputs. Output data formats are 24-bit (4:4:4), or interleaved 16-bit (4:2:2) for systems following the ITU.BT-601 standard. As a fully integrated analog interface, the FMS9875 chip can directly digitize RGB with VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA resolutions. Other key features include programmable analog input clamps, adjustable input gain and offset, SMBus serial control interface, and an on-board voltage reference. The FMS9875 is designed for operation from a 3.3V power source. Performance specifications are guaranteed over a 0°C to +70°C operating temperature. Pricing for the 100-MHz FMS9875 is set at $7.50 each/1,000 and for the 140-MHz FMS9875, $8.88. Samples are available and delivery is 6-8 weeks ARO.


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