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True 16-Bit PC/104 Module Turns Into DAQ Subsystem

Replete with 32 channels of 16-bit analog-to-digital input and four channels of 14-bit digital-to-analog output, the MPC560 PC/104 module functions as a data-acquisition (DAQ) subsystem for embedded systems. The analog input subsystem includes programmable gain amplifiers, programmable low-pass filters, and a 16-channel differential input (DI) mode. Also featured is input overvoltage protection to ±40 V, with power on or off. The analog output subsystem includes one-pole low-pass filters as well as output buffers capable of driving cables and other highly capacitive loads. An on-board EEPROM holds calibration data that can be used for installed, end-to-end calibration of input channels. The analog input range is ±10.1 V or ±5.05 V. The analog output range is ±10.1 V, and all outputs are set to 0 V upon power-up or reset. Across the operating-temperature range, input and output accuracy is 0.02% of full scale. The input circuitry allows sampling of 20 V p-p at 35 kHz or 5 V p-p at 100 kHz. At 15 kHz, the output circuitry can generate 20-V p-p signals. Sample programs and full documentation are provided with the board, which requires a single 5-V supply for operation. The 16-input MPC560 costs $425 each. The four-channel analog output option costs $105. An additional 16 inputs cost $20.

Micro/sys Inc.
www.embeddedsys.com; (818) 244-4600

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