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Tundra's PCI Bridge Delivers 32-Bit Performance

\[August 14, 2006\] Tailored for emerging and/or existing boards employing standard 32-bit, 66-MHz PCI-to-PCI bridges the Tsi350 asynchronous PCI-to-PCI bridge complies with PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3. The device provides ample clock and arbitration pins to support up to nine PCI bus masters on the secondary interface and 10 independent secondary clock outputs to the secondary slots. Both primary and secondary interfaces can operate with asynchronous clocks, and the secondary clock can be derived from either the input primary clock or supplied by an external clock source. Secondary clocks can be masked through the GPIO interface during power up. Applications for the Tsi350TM include communications and networking equipment, multi-function printers, imaging systems, and embedded video recorders. Sampling now, the device is available in 31 mm x 31 mm 208-PQFP and 256 PBGA packages. Price is $8 each/1,000. TUNDRA SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Ontario, Canada. (800) 267-7231.


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