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TV Tuner Chip Sets Sights On Terrestrial Set-Top Boxes

Claiming to cut tuner costs by up to 25% and board space by up to 33% compared to existing devices, the SL2610 TV tuner employs a single frequency conversion step and features on-chip image-channel rejection circuitry that provides greater than 30 dB of image suppression. The new device is offered as a triple-band, RF mixer oscillator operating in the 50 to 900 MHz analog and DTTV frequency ranges. Each band includes a preamplifier/mixer and local oscillator supported by an external, varactor-tuned tank. Outputs share a low-impedance surface acoustic wave filter (SAWF) driver stage. Other features include an I2C bus-controlled PLL synthesizer, a free-running phase noise of less than -90 dBc/Hz typical at 10 kHz, and an ability to be programmed to generate all output IFs used in analog and digital receiver systems. Available in a 6-mm square MLP, the SL2610 tuner chip is priced at $1.94 each in volume quantities. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 270-7115.


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