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TVS Devices Protect Handheld Wireless Products

The PSD03/03C series of TVS devices provides ESD protection for PDAs, cell phones, notebook computers, and other handheld wireless products. These silicon-based diodes are said to offer superior clamping voltage and performance compared to technologies such as MLVs. They can be used as single line protectors in either unidirectional or bidirectional applications and are available with working voltages from 3.3V (PSD03/03C) through 24V (PSD24C). Both series are provided in an industry-standard, pc board real estate-saving SOD-323 package. The devices can be mounted directly on the board using the pad area of an 0806 MLV device and can be used with R/C or L/C components to help protect and filter I/O ports. The PSD03/03C devices meet IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and 61000-4-4 (EFT) standards, as well as the 24A lightning clamping requirement of IEC 61000-4-5. And they also have a peak pulse power rating of 350W for an 8/20-µs waveshape. Pricing is $0.32 each/3,000 for PSD03 series devices and $0.35 each/3,000 for PSD03C series devices.


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