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Two-Channel PCI DAQ Board Acquires 8 Gbytes At 800 Mbytes/s

The AD8-650x2DMA two-channel PCI data-acquisition (DAQ) board can acquire 8 Mbytes of continuous analog data at 800 Msamples/s on both channels simultaneously. This externally triggerable board from Ultraview Corp. is designed for high-speed, low-jitter operation in defense, intelligence, scientific, industrial, and medical applications.

The board's 64-bit, 66-MHz DMA engine transfers data at more than 300 Mbytes/s into the large on-board memory. It uses eight standard on-board, low-power 1-Gbyte synchronous DRAM dual-inline memory modules to achieve its deep storage capacity. Also, it can operate with an internal or external clock of 1 to 800 MHz. It can measure signals with full-scale amplitudes of ±350 mV as well.

The AD8-650x2DMA's 50-Ω inputs use surface-mounted assembly (SMA) connectors. The 50-Ω clock input can accept an external clock of either a sine wave or square wave with an amplitude of 300 to 900 mV p-p. Its 50-Ω ac-coupled trigger input can accept PECL or ECL levels or any positive-going edge 1-V signal with any dc offset between −5 and 5 V.

The board was tested in 64-bit Sun Microsystems SunBlade 2500/2000/1000 and Ultra 80, E250, and E420/450 systems. It acquired data at 1.6 Msamples/s while simultaneously performing a sustained DMA transfer to host memory at 320 Mbytes/s.

Priced at $13,995 each, the AD8-650x2DMA includes drivers and sample C programs for Solaris 8 and 9 Unix systems. An optional dual-board bridge costs an additional $995. Availability is from stock.

Ultraview Corp.

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