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Tx-Rx Modules Yield Multi-Gigabit E-Band Comm Systems

A transmit-receive (Tx-Rx) module pair from Endwave Corp. covers E-band frequencies from 71.0 to 86.0 GHz, enabling broadband point-to-point radio systems than can carry voice and data traffic at rates of multi-gigabits per second. Typical performance of the transmit module includes a conversion gain of 15 dB and an output power of 16 dBm with an integrated power detector on the transmit output. Higher-power options are also available. The receiver module delivers a noise figure of 9 dB, an RF-to-IF conversion gain better than 25 dB, and an input 1-dB compression point (P1dB) of −25 dBm. Separate versions cover the 71- to 76-GHz and 81- to 86-GHz operating bands.

The E-band transmit and receive modules are the first to use Endwave’s newest proprietary technologies, the Multilithic Microsystems (MLMS) sub-harmonic mixer topology and Epsilon Packaging. MLMS, which provides a single level of conversion direct from E-band to IF, is a monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) alternative that uses active flip-flop circuits and electromagnetic coupling to minimize semiconductor real estate and RF wire bonding. The technology significantly reduces the cost of the local-oscillator circuit chain relative to the costs of comparable fundamental mixer approaches, according to Endwave.

Epsilon Packaging eliminates the traditional dependency on bulky machined or cast mechanical housings by replacing costly mechanical items with metalized FR-4 and injection-molded metalized plastics. It allows mixed chip-on-board and surface-mount technology on one printed-circuit structure. The result is a package that is mass producible with minimal weight and size. For more information, visit www.endwave.com.

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