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Type II PC Card Adds Digital I/O To DAQ Systems

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Designed for computers with Type II card slots, the PC-CARD-DIO48 PCMCIA 48-bit digital I/O board has two 82C55 digital peripheral adapter interface chips. Via a 50-pin extension connector, the card gives users access to a PC's ground and 5 Vdc. A resettable, 350-mA fuse is provided to protect the 5 Vdc line. The PC card is compatible with a wide range of digital signal conditioning products, allowing users to interface a variety of I/O signals at low cost. The card comes with InstaCAL software, a complete installation, calibration and software test program for data acquisition (DAQ) boards. In addition, the card is compatible with software packages that include SoftWIRE, DAS-Wizard, VEE and VEE Lab, and LabVIEW. Price is $199 with delivery from stock.

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