Electronic Design

uCLinux Rides A Blackfin

Blackfin DSP developers can now take advantage of uCLinux, a compact Linux kernel, with help from Analog Devices. As the maker of Blackfin DSPs, Analog Devices has made significant contributions to the GNU toolset. The Analog C compiler enhancements currently are being merged to exploit the 2.6 kernel. Support is being included for Analog Devices' BF533 development board. A number of additional daughtercards are available, such as a video encoder. The development board wraps the Blackfin DSP with 4 Mbytes of flash, 128 Mbytes of SDRAM, an Ethernet controller, and a JTAG interface. The BF533 costs $160. Analog Devices' distributors offer the boards. Daughtercards will cost between $39 and $60. Each comes with sample uCLinux-based software.


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