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UEI Data Loggers Offer Multiple I/O Options

Combining ruggedness, flexibility, ease-of-use, and low cost, the UEILogger series of data loggers/recorders provides up to 150 analog-to-digital channels or 288 digital channels in one 4" x 4.1" x 5.8" unit. Each Logger contains the company's data logger “engine” and either three (UEILogger 300) or six (UEILogger 600) I/O slots. Users can select from more than 20 I/O boards to match the logger to their specific applications. The unit supports sample rates to 100 samples/s on each I/O channel or port. Data is logged onto a standard SD Card and may be retrieved via the unit’s Ethernet port or by using a card reader. The included 2-GB card will hold over 500 million 16-bit readings. The UEILogger requires no programming. An intuitive Windows-based application sets up the logger and extracts data from its memory. Users select the input and output ranges, sample and update rates, required signal conditioning, and other parameters from pull-down menus. The UEILogger 300 costs $1,595 and the UEILogger 600 is $1,795. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES, Canton, MA. (781) 821-2891.


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