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Ultra Fine Pitch Interconnects Save Space

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A new line of sub-millimeter ultra fine pitch interfaces on 0.4, 0.5, 0.635 and 0.8 mm pitch is designed to provide space and cost savings along with the performance features of traditional blade and beam construction. On 0.4 mm pitch, the BTF/BSF series offers up to 80 I/Os and a mated height of 5 mm. Two designs are offered for 0.5-mm pitch interconnects: one (BTH/BSH Series) provides a 5-mm board spacing and the other (LTH/LSH Series) offers 2.3 mm mated heights. The BTH/BSH Series has up to 360 I/Os in only 0.295" x 3.793" board space, while the LTH/LSH Series offers up to 100 I/Os in 0.265" x 1.105". On 0.635 mm pitch, the BTS/BSS Series offers up to 300 I/Os. Mated heights of 5 and 8 mm are available. For applications requiring less density, the 0.8 mm pitch BTE/BSE Series provides up to 240 I/Os. Three board spacings are offered with mated heights from 4.27 mm to 10.26 mm for standard to elevated applications. A 240-pin connector set requires 0.295" x 3.99" board space. Pricing begins at $0.06 to $0.08 per mated line.

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