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Ultra-Fine-Pitch Interfaces Save Space

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Providing significant space savings with proven quality and performance of pin and socket design, the CLE Series SMT socket strips, FTE Series headers and AW Series board stackers offer 0.031" (.80 mm) pitch to provide up to 180 contacts in 0.5" square of board space for a density of more than 300 pins per square inch. The header and socket strip system provides high density skyscrapers with board spacings as high as 0.360" and as low as 0.197". The 0.039" (1.0 mm) pitch system includes FTMH Series headers and MW Series board stackers as well as a choice of low-profile, impedance-matched CLM Series Tiger Claw socket strips or cost-efficient MLE Series Tiger Beam socket strips. Headers and stackers are available with firm's proprietary flex shrouds.

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