Electronic Design

Ultra-Low ESR Capacitors Include Functional Polymer Electrolyte

Members of the PS series of radial-leaded miniature capacitors feature a solid functional polymer electrolyte that provides a lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) than standard liquid electrolytes. Their high-temperature-resistant solid aluminum design offers stable performance and high reliability. They are available with rated voltages of 4, 6.3, 10, and 16 V dc and a capacitance range of 180 to 820 µF. ESR ratings range from 8 to 16 mΩ. Also, these capacitors can withstand lead-free alloy soldering. Designed for use in dc-dc converters, voltage regulators, and decoupling applications, they suit output-filtering applications for computer motherboards and servers requiring low ESR at high frequencies. With two case sizes available (8 by 11.5 mm and 10 by 12.5 mm), the capacitors are packaged in ammo pack boxes or in bulk. In 100-unit quantities, pricing ranges from $0.40 to $0.70 each.

United Chemi-Con
www.chemi-con.com; (847) 696-2000

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