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Ultra-Low Ohmic Chip Power Resistor Dissipates Heat Very Efficiently

Available in resistance values of from 8 to 20 milliohms and tolerances of 1% an 5%, the LPRC201 series of ultra-low ohmic chip power resistors boasts of higher heat dissipation efficiency and higher stress resistance than competitive, larger size types. The improved overall heat dissipation is achieved by locating the terminations on the longer sides of the resistor's body. Although they occupy about 30% less board space than competitive devices--namely, size 2512 chips--the new size 1218 power resistors are said to lose a whopping 50% more heat via conduction than the 2512s do--the greatest heat loss by far in chip power resistors is reportedly via conduction. The termination position is also said to reduce the chip's sensitivity to fracture due to thermally-induced expansion. Power resistors such as these new ultra-low ohmic devices are typically used in current sensing circuits.

Company: PHILIPS ADVANCED CERAMICS & MODULES (AC&M) - Marketing Communications

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