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Ultra-Mini 2-W DC-DCs Come With Mini Price Tag

Ultra-Mini 2-W DC-DCs Come With Mini Price Tag

microPdirect-APackaged in tiny 4-pin SIPs, the E200E series of dc-dc converters delivers 2 W of reliable output power at very low cost. The units, available from MicroPower Direct, are specifically designed to provide a reliable voltage conversion and/or power-line isolations for space-critical board-level applications. Six models within the series operate from 5- and 12-V dc inputs, providing single outputs of 5, 12, or 15 V dc. Other features include up to 82% efficiency, I/O isolation of 1000 V dc, and low noise operation. MTBF is greater than 3.5 Mhours. All models are specified for operation over a -40 to +85°C industrial temperature range, without the need for derating or heatsinking. The SIP case requires only 0.136 square inches of board space; pinout is standard. Application areas include industrial and OEM power distribution.


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