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Ultra-Miniature Module Can Drive Size 23 Steppers

product pic

Based on hybrid technology, the ultra-small, 27.94 x 68.58 x 4.32 mm IM481H microstepping system can supply up to 49W/in.3 to drive up to size 23 stepping motors. The module has 14 microstep resolutions, from 400 to 51,200 steps/rev. (1.8° motor), in binary and decimal that can be changed at any time without having to reset the driver. What's more, integrating the 21-pin SIP in applications that use higher step-angle motors reportedly allows replacement of mechanical gearing for increased smoothness and positioning accuracy. This 96W bipolar drive module accepts 12V to 48V, features short-circuit and thermal protection. A plug-in interface board, called INT-481, also is available to help speed up prototyping activities.

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