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Ultra-Thin Inductors Handle Up To 1.9 A

With an above-board height of just 1.19 mm and footprint of 7.87 mm x 9.14 mm, the LPO2506 series of SMT power inductors meets the height restrictions of PC Cards and other low-profile applications. The inductors’ low height is achieved by dropping the inductor core through a hole in the pc board. Custom designs can further reduce the height to as low as 0.9 mm, depending on board thickness. If in-board mounting is impractical, an on-board version offers overall height of just 1.65 mm.Despite their small size, the devices handle currents up to 1.9 ARMS. There are 15 inductance values ranging from 4.7 µH to 1000 µH. Parts offer a ceramic body and large flat top. They’re optimized for reliable pick-and-place operations. PSpice models are available on the firm’s website.


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