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Ultra-Thin Power Inductors Save Space In Portables

The Power Wafer line of magnetics are ultra-thin power inductors designed for handheld electronic products, Type I PC Cards, disk drives, and other low-profile power applications. The LPT3305 Series toroidal inductors come in a ceramic case that's just 1.8 mm tall. In addition, the devices' 0.35" x 0.40" footprint takes up 25% less board space than competitive low-profile inductors, it's claimed.Thanks to the devices' toroidal construction, stray EMI is kept to a minimum. The inductors are available in 11 values from 1 µH to 47 µH. Saturation currents range up to 6A with rms current ratings up to 1.6A. They're packaged in 13" reels of 1700 pieces each. Free evaluation samples are available at the firm's web site; there's also a C130 Designer's Kit.


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