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Ultracap Modules Enable Quick Proof Of Concept

Ultracap Modules Enable Quick Proof Of Concept

Expanding the PowerBurst Ultracapacitor Series, the PBM ultracapacitor modules enable a quick proof of concept when evaluating ultracapacitor-based solutions. The 18 additional PowerBurst PBM modules employ Maxwell Technologies' BoostCap 650F or 3000F ultracapacitor cells.  Modules contain from two to 24 cells and with capacitances ranging from 27F to 1500F. They are available in voltages ranging from 5.4V to 64.8V and include on-board over-voltage protection. Pricing for modules with 650F cells ranges from $200 to $1,890 each and from $276 to $2,713 for those with 3000F cells.  TECATE INDUSTRIES, San Diego, CA. (619) 398-9750.

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