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UltraSPARC System Is Field-Replaceable

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Claiming to reduce downtime to a 90-second mean time to repair, the FRµ (Field Replaceable Processor) is an UltraSPARC system for Sun Microsystems' SPARCengine Ultra AXi and SPARCengine UltraAXmp motherboards that eases the burden of replacing a complete system by mating all of the external I/O cables into a single internal high-density connector. The product consists of two elements: a rack-mountable receptacle that serves as the attachment point for all cables; and an active core that contains the processors, memory, I/O, disk, power, fan, and alarming systems. A single high-density, blind-mate connector joins the two elements. Instead of disconnecting the cables from the computer during a system swap, users simply disengage the unit from the mating connector while leaving the external cables untouched. Applications include the advanced intelligent network, operations systems support, and the Internet.

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