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Ultrathin Chip Capacitors Function In Smart Card Apps

Available in case sizes 0805 and 1206 with voltage ratings ranging from 10 Vdc to 50 Vdc, these capacitors provide users with a wide range of capacitance value options and solutions for low profile applications. The Ultrathin Chip Capacitors are ideal for applications where component height considerations are paramount.
Possible functions include use in smart card applications and they can also be placed under integrated circuits in IC decoupling applications, utilizing the otherwise dead printed circuit board space. This particular line of chip capacitors is offered in NP0, X7R and Y5V dielectrics, with capacitance values up to 1 µF in the Y5V dielectric.
Typical price ranges for the Ultrathin Chip Capacitors run from $0.04 to $0.12 per 100K pieces and is dependant upon case size and capacitance value.

Company: AVX CORP. - Sales & Marketing Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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