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Universal Adapter Lets CompactFlash Modules Work With IDE Connectors

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A new universal interface allows CompactFlash modules to be used with any system that includes a standard IDE connector. The VL-CFA-1 adapter board measures 2.6" x 2.7" and accepts both Type I and Type II modules—Type II modules include the IBM microdrive and larger capacity Flash modules. Once the adapter is in place, the CompactFlash or microdrive module appears to the system hardware to be a standard hard disk drive.
The adapter is fully compatible with any operating system that can access a disk drive. The plug-in module can be the system boot device containing the OS, application programs, and data. An 18" cable between the system and the adapter board allows the adapter to be mounted to a front-panel slot or other easily accessible location. Available in versions to interface with 40-pin, 0.1" IDE and 44-pin, 2 mm IDE connectors, the VL-CFA-1 is priced at $70 each/100.

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