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Updated Emulator Said To Have Unique Features

Claiming to offer features not found in other emulators, the iceMASTER-WA in-circuit emulator has been updated to provide faster debugging, a shorter time-to-market, and what is said to be the lowest possible emulation costs. Two improvements target the manner in which the emulator connects to the target board using BDM- or JTAG-type connectors and tracing capability. First, the device pins used are not dedicated to the emulator. Instead, their emulation functions are multiplexed within normal functions, making the emulator suitable for the design of low-pin-count devices. The second improvement is the capability of tracing the complete execution history in real-time, which cannot be achieved by BDM and JTAG emulators. The emulators's prices range from $235 to $1,995.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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