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USB Connectors Make Secure PCB Contact

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The company's line of Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors feature kinked locating legs and plug-retention tabs to ensure secure printed circuit board retention. These connectors are offered in both thru-hole and surface-mount styles.
All contacts are gold plated and their shells are tin plated. All connectors in the line are fully compatible with the USB 1.0 specification. They also pass 16-MHz signal attenuation as stated in ASTM-D-4566.
Other features include a contact resistance of 30 ohms maximum, insulation resistance of 1000 Megaohms, a voltage rating of 30 vac, and a current rating of 1A maximum per contact for 30°C temperature rise. Pricing is $0.963 each/1000 with delivery times of approximately four weeks.

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