Electronic Design
USB I/O Board Suits Instructional Endeavors

USB I/O Board Suits Instructional Endeavors

A microcontroller-driven, USB-based I/O expansion peripheral for PC computers, the I/O Explorer board is suitable for introducing intermediate programming to students and interaction with I/O devices outside a PC. The board provides RC servo connectors, switches, push buttons, LEDs, rotary encoders, and a speaker/buzzer. Also on tap are the company’s Pmod connectors that allow access to and control of devices external to the board. Other features include analog input/output channels via ADCs/DACs, a UART, and two Atmel AVR microcontrollers. All users require is a programming cable or in-system debugger to load firmware into the microcontroller. Price for I/O Explorer is $99.99. DIGILENT INC., Pullman, WA. (509) 334-6306.

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