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USB Microcontrollers Satisfy Standalone Hub Applications

Three families of Universal Serial Bus microcontrollers are aimed at standalone USB hub applications, at hubs integrated into keyboards and monitors, and at individual peripherals such as modems. The CY7C66xxx family is designed for USB keyboards with integrated hubs. They also offer up to 8 kbytes of EPROM and up to 39 general-purpose I/Os. The CY7C65xxx family is for standalone hub applications as well as hubs that are integrated into monitors. They provide 7- and 4-port hubs, an I2C interface for external communications, and up to 22 general-purpose I/Os. The CY7C64xxx family addresses high-speed peripheral applications, providing up to 36 general-purpose I/Os, I2C compatibility and up to 8 kbytes of EPROM. All models contain a watchdog timer and offer instant-on capability.


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